About Us


It is our sincere goal to make our roadways safer for you, your family and our community through education, awareness and comprehensive driver training.


Shan driving School educate our students on the rules of the road and teach them life long and safe driving skills. We offer flexible hours of quality service. We teach beginner drivers to make safe decisions while ensuring their safety outside of home.

In order to accomplish that our instructors focus on the development of good habits in our students throughout their lessons such as signaling at all times, looking for the blind spot when leaving the curb or when changing lanes as well as being aware of potential hazards on the road, key elements of defensive driving skills.

No matter what your situation is, Shan Driving School offers various programs to accommodate your individual or group driver education needs. Our qualified and professional instructors will get you on the road in no time.

James Colby

I am a proud truck driver, I work for the Highway express. I trained myself via Shaan driving school and got my class 2 license.

Baljeet Singh

I am a regular taxi driver, I love being on the road whether I am on duty or off duty. Shaan driving really improved my driving skills.

Rachel Zane

Shaan driving helps me overcome my road fear, and now I am a Class 5 driver and can easily travel anywhere I like.